Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden

Tell us about the event?

Brisbane’s Hottest Venue – Cloudland Nightclub in Fortitude Valley put on an epic party for NYE 2014! The theme for this decadent night was “Enchanted Garden”

What was the brief for Entertainment?

The entertainment for the night needed to be all roving, mix & mingle style, create visual wow-factor and engage with guests. It was essential to give guests a full sensory experience and have the theme permeate all aspects of the night. The entertainment needed to stand out among thousands of colourful guests and work in all kids of events spaces – from the large open ground floor restaurant, around themed booths, and in smaller hidden spaces around the venue.

The concepts the client booked from Phoenix included:

HUMAN STATUE – a “fallen angel” illuminated garden statue with giant feathered angel wings. He came to life as the night progressed and served champagne to guests

STILT WALKERS – Madam Peacock and the Velvet Birdcage stilt walkers roved throughout the venue, both lit up with strands of ivy leaf lights

ROVING CHARACTERS – including champagne chandelier, Red Rose Romance characters, Forest Nymphs and Garden Fairies all serving food & beverage throughout the night

GARDEN of EDEN Snake-themed CONTORTIONIST – working in many of the smaller areas around the venue with amazing visual performance

FAIRY FACE PAINTER in her garden grotto for some child-like escapism for the guests!


A little snippet of video taken on the night by “Last Night Productions” VIDEO

And Check out these fabulous photos from the night:

Retro Revival

Retro Revival

Such delicious entertainment options for any style of retro-themed event! For pre-dinner drinks or cocktail events, choose from a selection of fun, interactive retro roving characters – Roller girls are an absolute favourite – and come in all kinds of styles & costumes! Hulahoop Girls are another perennial favourite for retro themed events – our Beach Belles are great for vintage Beach events, or other cute retro costumes also available. And the “Happy Snaps” with their retro Polaroid Cameras, styling guests with fun accessories taking photos of guests for them to keep as a token of the event are another perfect choice! It’s like a mobile Photo Booth – but heaps more fun! And if you would like a special highlight to your retro-themed dinner, engage the Phoenix Dancers to deliver a floorshow in 1950’s Rock & Roll, 1960’s Go-Go Girls or 1970’s Disco theme! (or anything else you might dream up for your retro event !)

White Elegance Crystal Juggler

White Elegance Crystal Juggler

Mesmerising illusion act where the performer rolls crystal balls over her hands, arms and body.  This elegant character oozes sophistication & grace as she mingles with guests manipulating her crystalline spheres, a subtle & classy addition to any cocktail function


“Phoenix AFLAME”

“Phoenix AFLAME”


Spectacular fire acts choreographed to energetic soundtrack.

Acts can include:

  • Flaming drums, fire wings, fire fingers opening
  • Flaming Fans Routine
  • Fire Bellydance
  • Fire Spinning routines
  • Fire eating routine
  • Flaming Hula-hoop finale

all set to high energy latin/percussive backing track.

View the video of this act on our  here:  http://www.phoenixfiretribe.com.au/fire-all.php

Format: 12min feature show

Team: 2-7 x fire performers

Requirements: sound system with CD player & operator, low lighting & clear performance space of 4x8m minimum (larger preferred).

Dressing room.  Venue must approve this fire act.  Any smoke alarms must be isolated.

30min Tech rehearsal required within 2hr of guest arrival.