Such delicious entertainment options for any style of retro-themed event! For pre-dinner drinks or cocktail events, choose from a selection of fun, interactive retro roving characters – Roller girls are an absolute favourite – and come in all kinds of styles & costumes! Hulahoop Girls are another perennial favourite for retro themed events – our Beach Belles are great for vintage Beach events, or other cute retro costumes also available. And the “Happy Snaps” with their retro Polaroid Cameras, styling guests with fun accessories taking photos of guests for them to keep as a token of the event are another perfect choice! It’s like a mobile Photo Booth – but heaps more fun! And if you would like a special highlight to your retro-themed dinner, engage the Phoenix Dancers to deliver a floorshow in 1950’s Rock & Roll, 1960’s Go-Go Girls or 1970’s Disco theme! (or anything else you might dream up for your retro event !)